About My Art

Much of my art is geometric and abstract as I find that an interesting way to view the world around me. In my art I hope to capture a mood (usually my mood at the time) and infuse that mood into the piece. Through my work I hope to bring a meditative moment to the viewer which asks them to pause and reflect.  My preferred medium is fabric, thread, and beads.

I am surrounded by famous art quilters who are part of Front Range Contemporary Quilters, one of the largest art quilt groups in the United States. These women inspire me to toward original designs and thinking outside the box. I will start showing my work in juried exhibits in late 2007.

When I’m Not Making Art

Many people say that people in the software development field are very “left-brained” individuals: logical, rational and analytical. Personally, I believe that many of us are highly creative artists. To me, there is no difference between great art and a well-crafted web site. Creating well-designed code is just as satisfying as a beautifully designed piece of fiber art.

In my “day job” I own and run an web services company, TriCalyx, that provides the education and tools online businesses need to be successful on the internet. Just like with my art, I look at a business from all perspectives to great a online marketing plan that uniquely works that each business.

Before founding TriCalyx, I worked for several well-known companies like Monster, and Webroot Software.

Other Things to Know About Me

  • Favorite Movie Genre: Science Fiction (and the Sci Fi Channel!)
  • Favorite Technology Revolution: TiVo
  • Favorite Colors: Plum and Teal
  • Places I’ve Lived:
    • Colorado (current)
    • Massachusetts (most of my adult life)
    • Arizona (most of my childhood)
    • Washington (born there)
  • Animal: cats (hi Amber and Jade!)
  • Exercise: Yoga and Strength Training
  • Favorite Treat: Cinnamon Bears

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