Artist Statement

My artwork captures those moments in life, however fleeting, where we pause and look inward to reflect. When we look at that flower floating in the wind, are we really remembering our last conversation with a friend before their death? When we spy a peaceful look on another’s face, are we instantly transported to our last vacation on the beach with the sound of the waves lulling us to sleep? My art transports me to memories I want to cherish and remember — even if they are simply daydreams!

The digital camera is my friend, and I use it often to capture candid moments that I use in my art. Sometimes it translates literally, and other time the translation is very abstract.

Being formally trained as a software architect, much of my work shows the precision that comes with writing 1000s of lines of software. I prefer order and structure that comes together into something soft and beautiful.

I work with commercial and hand-dyed fabrics, paint, beads and other found objects. I make both 2D wall art and wearable art.

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